Marriage & Family

The Marriage and Family Ministry is first of all focused on strengthening and restoring marriages, because strong marriages are the foundation of healthy families, churches and societies.  This ministry is also focused on equipping and encouraging parents to raise their children to become adults who follow Jesus with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  It is our desire to provide the resources, encouragement, counseling, and more to give everyone the best opportunity to have the family legacy that God intended.  Let us know if we can ever be a support, encouragement or resource for your marriage and family.

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Merge is led by at least one mentor couple and takes place in an eight-week small group or a weekend retreat.

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(Seriously Dating & Engaged Couples)

Merge is led by at least one mentor couple and takes place in an eight-week small group or a weekend retreat.

(Married 1-3 years)

Foundation is a mentor couple-led small group that will spend time growing and learning about life in Christ and marriage. It will help establish your new marriage in the context of a healthy community and give you the tools to succeed.

(Married for more than 3 years)

Designed to help your marriage get better. Whether you rate your marriage a 1 or a 9, Re|engage is a 16-18 week program that will help you move it to the next level.

Meeting Schedule:

Every Tuesday   6:15pm-7:45pm
Note: We will not meet on December 25, 2018 or January 1, 2019 as we will be celebrating Christmas and New Year's with our family and friends.

Marriage Mentoring

As a church, we are fighting to restore families, and the front line of that fight is the marriage.  Please join us in this fight by fighting for your own marriage and investing time, love and wisdom into other marriages.  Let us tell you about three of the strategies that we have for restoring marriages.  Please pray about investing in your own marriage and/or leading others through this ministry. The battle for marriage and family is a fight we cannot afford to lose.  Please join us through prayer, joining a group, leading, or all of the above.

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